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About us

Classical, symphonic music meets electronic club music.
Bringing the orchestra to the people has already been done by composers from ancient times - with compositions that have played themselves directly into the hearts of people: Holst, Dvorak, Mussorgsky and others have created such works.
Electronic club music has also played its way into people's hearts and feet with techno and house as its own genre since the end of the 1990s. It may seem astonishing, but both styles of music have something very playful about them, because there are people, creative people, at work who are looking for the new, the sophisticated.

That's how the idea came about to combine two music styles that touch people on a high level, to remix classical music in such a way that the listener can hear an equal new thing: the Groove Symphony.

We, the inventors of the 'Groove Symphony', attach great importance to quality - we attach great importance to orchestral sound being produced as symphonic sound of high quality, to electronic music being able to play out with all its specifics and to both genres presenting themselves at a high level. Here we have creative people at work who know their craft - composers who move easily and experiencedly in both musical worlds, electronic musicians who inspire people with their music in clubs and at festivals and live for it.

Our Team

Dr. Barbara Volkwein

Gründerin der GrooveSymphony

Künstlerische Leiterin

Christian Dellacher

Musikalischer Leiter



Andreas Henneberg

DJ | Producer


Electronic Music Programming

Synth Happens

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