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Classical, symphonic music meets electronic club music.
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A long time ago, composers brought together the ochestra with people – with compositions that found their way right into the hearts of the people: Holst, Dvorak, Mussorgsk belong others created such work.

Since the end of the 90’s electronic clubmusic, with techno and house as an own genre, found its way into the hearts and the feet of the people.  It may sound surprising, but both music genres have something playful, because finally there are creative people working and searching for something new and sophisticated.

SYNTH HAPPENS Live. 28th of September 2019 | Nikolaisaal Potsdam

Andreas Henneberg - Synth Happens

"We translate electronic music into the language of an orchestra and support it with beats, unusual synthetic sounds and grooves"


Andreas Henneberg & The Glitz and the National Theatre Orchestra Mannheim (2017)

Synth Happens: 
NTM Musiksalon Pop



SWR Aktuell

Super Flu and Dortmunder Philharmoniker – Volkwein (2014)

Supferflu remixes Modest Mussorksys ‚Bilder einer Ausstellung’. For this purpose samples were first recorderd, so that at the concert it stage as a new versión together with the orchestra. This track from the concert reaches the first place at Beatport.



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Our Projects

To bring classic and orchestral music to the people is very important to Groove Symphony. Therefore it is logical to remix symphonic works which have always been amenable for young people and for those young at heart – so to speak take classic hits as a basis and mix them with electronic clubmusic in order to create new catchy songs. Top priority is that the electronic clubmusic is at the same level as the classic music. This also means that the production process is more and more professionalized and all circumstances are adpated and used in the most optimal way. 

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